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Lawyers in Australia

We are an Australian law firm with ample experience in various areas of law, including corporate and commercial, employment law, family law, litigation and dispute resolution, debt collection and a number of other matters. Our team of experienced lawyers offers the highest degree of excellence for our clients and pay attention to each case in order to find adequate and efficient legal solutions.

Our practices include corporate and commercial, with all of the derivatives, including a team of professionals who can assist clients in company formation in Australia. We offer legal counseling and representation in litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution and our lawyers are always ready to offer you solutions, regardless of the business sector.

 Quick Facts  
Legal services offered by our law firm in Australia  

Company formation services, accounting, legal services for insolvency cases, real estate due diligence, purchasing/renting real estate, tax registration, debt collection, immigration, employment, merger and acquisitions, residency and citizenship applications, legal aid. 

Types of clients our team can serve

Our lawyers in Australia can assist Australian citizens/residents and Australian registered companies, as well as foreign companies and foreigners relocating here. 

Reasons to choose
our team 

 Vast legal experience in corporate matters, in dispute resolution, representing clients in front of Australian courts, legal representation in litigation cases, and in matters referring to individuals (immgration, marriage and divorce, separation of assets, inheritance, etc.). 
Legal services for company formation
in Australia

Selecting a legal entity (proprietary company limited by shares  – Pty Ltd. is the most common business form), reserving the trading name, drafting the incorporation papers (the Replaceable Rules/Constitution), select a business address, preparing the shareholders’ documents, etc.   

Legal services for opening a representative office  Prepare the documents required for registration, register the office with the Australian Taxation Office, renting an office space, appointing directors/representatives. 
Accounting services (yes/no) 


Tax advice and assistance (yes/no) 


Tax registration services  Register with the Australian Taxation Office, submit quarterly/annual tax returns, register for GST (goods and services tax). 
Common legal services for foreigners    Our lawyers in Australia  can represent foreign clients in matters such as: family law, employment law, insolvency, debt collection, criminal law, immigration (visas, residence permits, permanent residency, citizenship). 
Assistance in setting
up a bank account  
Our lawyers can represent individuals and companies by advising in the steps that have to be followed and preparing
the necessary paperwork. 
Basic taxes for companies in Australia  Corporate tax (30% for companies with a turnover above $30 million and 25% for a turnover below $30 million), GST (10%), withholding taxes on dividends, royalties, interest, payroll taxes. 
Basic taxes for individuals in Australia The personal income tax (charged progressively based on the income at rates of 0%, 19%, 32.5%, 37%, 45%). 
When can a foreigner apply for a
residence permit  
Numerous pathways (family based, work based, residency for citizens of New Zealand, study, etc). 
Reasons to invest
in Australia 
Technology driven economy, top economy at a global level, investments in innovation, openess to trade, openess to investments, business friendly, top global fintech hub, rich in mineral resources.  
Debt collection services  Our lawyers in Australia can send various notices to the debtor (reminders, letters of demand) and can represent clients
in court proceedings.  
 How we can assist foreign individuals   Foreigners can address our lawyers in Australia for assistance on visa application, residence permit, employment law, marriage and divorce, inheritance and any other legal matter regulated under the Australian Civil Code.  

 Legal services on employment 

 Our lawyers can advise employers and employees on employment rights and obligations, contracts and breaches of contracts, penalties, employment taxation, drawing contracts and agreements and legal representation in front of competent courts.  

 Assistance in purchasing properties 

 Our lawyers in Australia can provide legal representation in any aspect concerning the sale of a property (verifying the documentation, preparing sale contracts, due diligence, negotiation on contract conditions, pay taxes, etc.). 

 Taxes charged for the purchase of properties  

 – capital gains tax (this tax is paid by the seller);

– stamp duty – charged to the buyer;

– notary and lawyers’ fees;

– governmental fees for the issuance of documents, registration, etc. 

 Legal assistance on inheritance  

Legal services on inheritance can refer to probate, intestacy procedures (when a person did not have a will), contesting a will, appointing executors, the division of the estate among heirs.   

 When can you ask for a power of attorney 

 The power of attorney is a legal instrument through which a person (or a legal entity) can appoint our lawyers in Australia in any type of legal matter. 

 Permission to buy land in (yes/no) 


 Conditions for buying land in Australia  

 Foreigners can purchase land and property in Australia, but before initiating the purchase, they need to obtain an approval from the Australian authorities. 

 Legal assistance on maritime procedures 

 Our lawyers can provide legal assistance on the law regulating ship construction, ship ownership, maritime taxation, litigation, safety, employment, etc. 

 Legal representation in Australian courts (yes/no)   Yes
 Intellectual property services  

 You can rely on our team for tradermark registration services. 

 Cities where you can address our team 

 Our team is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  

 Legal assistance in divorce matters  

– initiate the divorce proceedings;

– advice on the most suitable legal pathway for the divorce;

– assistance on the division on assets, child custody, alimony and others;

– preparing the documentation for the divorce;

– representation in front of the court.    

 Marriage rights for foreigners in Australia  

Foreigners benefit from the same rights as the ones of local residents.

They can get married here without being permanent residents, provided that they offer evidence on meeting the minimum requirements imposed by the law (minimum age, not being married elsewhere with another partner, etc.).  

 Out-of-court legal representation (yes/no)   Yes 

How can our lawyers in Sydney help in family matters?

Some of the most common legal services provided by our lawyers pertain to matters regulated by the Family Law. Here, we refer to marriage and divorce or legal separation, the division of the couple’s assets, the custody of the children and maintenance, settlements regarding the joint property of the spouses and other complex matters, such as intervention orders or the breach of various provisions that were imposed to parents/spouses after the case was closed. 

Can individuals obtain legal aid in Australia?

Yes, the law in Australia prescribes the right to apply for legal aid from the competent authorities. This happens when a person needs legal representation, which means that the services of a lawyer in Australia will be necessary, but at the same time, the person is not able to pay for the services of the lawyer

In this situation, one can apply for legal aid, which will cover a part of the costs charged by the lawyer or by the authorities involved in the case (for instance, one may need to pay various fees when requesting/submitting documents). For instance, cases that take place in the region of South Australia can be financially sustained by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.

The person who needs legal aid can directly address to the institution and describe his or her particular case and provide evidence on the fact that the financial situation does not allow a full coverage of the costs. The procedure can also be completed when addressing to the lawyers in Australia

Legal services for corporations in Australia

Our law firm in Australia has two main categories of services – the ones designed for natural persons (such as marriage and divorce, child custody, immigration) and the ones for corporate clients. For corporate clients, our team of lawyers in Australia can provide the following services:

  • commercial litigation – our experience in dispute resolution and litigation stretches across a wide range of business sectors and we can help clients who have issues with contract disputes, shareholder disputes, fraud and many other cases;
  • corporate compliance – from company registration to mergers and acquisitions as well as legal counseling for company directors in Australiaour lawyers can help you with specialized business services;
  • employment – complete counseling for employers in Australia, covering employment contracts, general counseling in the applicable laws, hiring foreign employees as well as dismissals;
  • debt collection –  facing overdue payments will sometimes result in the need to act in front of a court of law (our team can help you negotiate with bad creditors so that you can avoid taking legal action if possible);
  • tax – tax advisory services in Australiafor resident companies as well as branches of foreign corporations. 

You can always reach out to our lawyers in Australia to find out the entire spectrum of our expertise and the other areas of law covered by our experts, apart from the one described above. For example we can also assist you in immigration matters.

Can our law firm in Australia provide debt collection services?

Yes, if you represent a natural person or a company and you deal with a debt (you must recover a debt from a third party or you owe money to another party and you are not sure on the procedure or you need financial assistance in order to be able to repay the debt), you can easily address to our law firm

Our lawyers have the necessary legal expertise and background in order to handle debt collection cases for all types of clients. There are various methods that can be used, depending on the particularities of the case. However, in most of the situations, the procedure for debt collection will start with a letter of demand, in which our lawyers will address to the debtor on your behalf, and remind the respective person/entity, that there is an outstanding debt that needs to be paid. 

Below, we invite you to discover some of the legal services offered by our lawyers in Australia:

The case can also be addressed to an Australian court, but this will happen in the later stages of the process. Provided that the letter of demand does not have any positive answer, or in the case in which the debtor refuses to pay the debt, then the lawyer will be entitled to prepare a Statement of Claim. 

This document is prepared for the purpose of being lodged with a competent court, in which the lawyer will present on behalf of the client the situation of the debt and will provide evidence concerning the case. Once the document is prepared, the court will review it and sent it to the debtor, who will have sufficient time to provide an answer, once the document is received (generally, a period of 28 days). 

Here, the debtor can decide to pay the debt, in which case, the parties will settle, and the court action will be stopped. However, if the debtor will still refuse to pay, the case will be presented in front of a judge. Our Australian law firm is prepared to represent clients in this stage of the debt collection case as well. 

Complete services for company formation or acquisition in Australia

Our lawyers can help you with company formation services in Australia. From choosing the right type of company to reserving the business name and drafting the Articles of Association, a lawyer of our team will assist and guide you. Corporate registration is something that can be expedited when handled by a team that has experience with all the stages of the process. This is why, with our help, company owners are able to plan and prepare for a quick start in their business activities.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Australia are another area of expertise for our lawyers. This process follows a legal procedure, that is comprised of specific steps. There are several options for expanding a business, among which the horizontal merger, market extension merger or the actual business acquisition. Our Australian lawyers are able to help you with an adequate M&A strategy that complies with the laws in force.

Our team of attorneys in Australia approaches each client with due diligence and consideration. We have extensive experience in working with foreign investors and entrepreneurs looking for adequate legal solutions not only to launch their company but also to manage their business in the country.

How many lawyers are in Australia?

Being a lawyer represents being part of a large and reputable industry. The number of lawyers varies greatly at a national level, but also based on the gender. In Australia, unlike numerous other countries, it is necessary to know that the share of female lawyers is larger than the one of the male lawyers. Below, we present a few highlights of this profession:

  • by October 2020, there were 83,643 lawyers in Australia (who actively practiced this profession);
  • compared to almost a decade ago, the number of lawyers in Australia increased at a very rapid pace (compared to 2011, the number of lawyers increased by 45% in 2020);
  • the largest number of lawyers can be found in New South Wales, which accounts for 43% of all the Australian lawyers;
  • the lowest percentage, of 1%, can be found in the Northern Territory and Tasmania;
  • when we refer to the gender of Australian lawyers, it must be noted that 53% of all lawyers are female, while male represent only 47%. 

Our law firm in Australia offers complete legal services for businesses and individuals. We invite you to contact us for more detailed information about each of the legal services described here and to schedule a first appointment with one of our lawyers.