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Family Lawyers in Sydney

Family Lawyers in Sydney

Any legal matter that is prescribed by the family legislation, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, division of assets and so on, can be explained at length by our family lawyers in Sydney. Our team is qualified to present the latest modifications of the law and can also provide legal assistance or legal representation in front of a court, where necessary. 

You can rely on our law firm in Australia if you plan to get married in this country as a foreigner; our lawyers can present the legal procedures applicable in this case and can assist you in preparing the file of documents that will be required for this particular situation (identity documents, the certificate stating the current marital status and others); for any other matter, we invite you to present your inquiries to our family lawyers in Sydney

How can our family lawyers in Sydney assist you? 

Above, we have presented some of the general legal aspects in which our team has the necessary expertise to represent its clients. Of course, the services of our lawyers include additional branches of law pertaining to the family legislation, such as child custody, child maintenance, separation (which is different than a divorce), the division of real estate properties among the members of a family, to name a few. Regardless of what area of law is of interest for you, our family lawyers in Sydney will be able to help you with the following: 

  • • representing your best interests – our lawyer will act as a confident and you can rest assured that all the information you provide us with will remain confidential;
  • • protecting our clients, especially when minors are involved – in cases where children are involved, our attorneys in Australia will find the most suitable way to protect them by making the necessary arrangements which are, firstly, best for them, and then for their parents;
  • • first meeting – our lawyers will closely listen to your situation and present the most suitable legal action that should be taken, based on the preliminary information offered;
  • • research activities – our team will research upon your case, and the procedures will easily vary depending on the particularity of the case (marriage, divorce, properties, etc.);
  • • create a legal strategy for our clients based on the applicable legal procedures, once the team has gathered the necessary information on the case, the necessary documents and others.

Our family lawyers in Sydney can act on your behalf in various meetings with a family member, serve divorce papers or other legal documents that must be addressed to a family member or a spouse; you can also be represented by our team in matters of negotiations, which can refer to the financial aspects of a family law case (the division of property, the alimony for a child or children of the former family). 

More importantly, our law firm in Australia can represent you in front of the court, and this is generally one of the hardest stages of a case pertaining the family law procedures, as it involves numerous legal steps and it can take a long period of time for the case to be solved or multiple court hearings. Although this is not an easy process, as a general rule, our family lawyers in Sydney have gathered over the years the necessary expertise and abilities to make this procedure easier, especially from a psychological point of view.  

What is the data on marriages and divorces in Australia? 

The basis of the family legislation in Australia is given by the beginning of the idea of a family from a legal point of view, which is the marriage, and its end, which is the divorce. It is also important to know that recently Australia has become a country that has recognized the legitimacy of same-sex marriages; you can find out more information on the rights of same-sex couples from our family lawyers in Sydney; with regards to data on marriages and divorces, we present the following: 

  • • according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, there were 119,188 marriages, an increase of 5,5% compared to 2017;
  • • 2018 was the first year when same-sex couples were able to get married in Australia, an year which recorded a total of 6,538 marriages;
  • • the right to get married as a same-sex couple is prescribed by the Marriage Act 1961, modified in 2017;
  • • in 2018, there were 49,404 divorces, similar with the number of 2017 (49,032 divorces);
  • • in 47,3% of all the divorces, matters related to child custody or maintenance were involved. 

You can  find our more information on other aspects of the legal procedures for divorce or marriage from our family lawyers in Sydney. We invite you to contact our team of Australian lawyers for legal advice suitable to your situation or for legal representation for getting married, for legal separation or for divorce.