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Legal Services in Australia

Legal Services in Australia

Legal services in Australia are designed to address the needs of every type of client. As such, our Australian law firm is ready to assist both natural persons and legal entities in various legal situations that they may need.

Legal services can refer to simply offering legal advice or consultancy on a given case or providing legal assistance and representation to clients. The latter can take the form of representation in front of various Australian institutions, including Australian courts.

Our attorneys in Australia are specialized in a wide range of legal branches. We also mention that we can represent foreign clients (individuals, companies, non-profit institutions, etc.).

Legal services for corporate clients in Australia

A corporate client does not refer only to commercial companies, but it also includes institutions, organizations, various types of business establishments (liaison offices for instance), non-profit entities, such as foundations and many others.

Our team of Australian lawyers can assist local and foreign clients throughout the entire life stages of such entities. You can find out in the list below the highlights concerning this matter:

  • the law and procedures for the incorporation of corporate entities;
  • the issuance of various types of licenses and permits;
  • the development of the business activity as per the type of entity and the applicable legislation;
  • tax advice, compliance and reporting and accounting services;
  • signing contracts and agreements;
  • debt recovery and litigation;
  • winding up a legal entity.

Besides these, our lawyers in Australia can provide legal representation to foreign businessmen who want to arrive here for the purpose of establishing any of the entities regulated by the Australian law.

Our legal services in Australia include the legal assistance in obtaining all the immigration documents that can be necessary for a foreign investor (visa requirements can slightly vary based on the nationality of the applicant).

Of course, businessmen can rely on us if they need to obtain a residence permit or if they want to sign a rental/purchase agreement for a private or commercial property. Our Australian law firm can also conclude due diligence services on behalf of our clients.

Legal services for natural persons in Australia

Natural persons can also address our lawyers. In general, our services for individuals refer to matters such as:

  • family law (marriage, custody, divorce, division of assets);
  • immigration (obtaining visas and residence permits);
  • inheritance law and enforcement of wills;
  • purchasing/selling properties;
  • representing clients in front of local courts;
  • obtaining legal aid.

What is legal aid in Australia?

Legal aid refers to the system through which certain categories of persons, who are more vulnerable, can access legal services in Australia without having to worry about the financial aspects.

This is guaranteed under the Australian law so that persons with low income/no income can benefit from the right of fair representation in front of various allegations, correct or false.

In the list below, you can discover more about legal aid:

  • at a national level, there are 8 legal aid commissions;
  • in order to benefit from legal aid, a person must comply with the income requirement – established by the means test, which can set up a minimum financial contribution of the applicant according to the Section 36(1)(a) and Section 36(1)(b) of the Legal Aid Commission Act 1979;
  • the means test does not apply in certain circumstances, such as for family law (Section 68L of the Family Law Act 1975) or for civil law (Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988);
  • each commission follows its own local directives – for instance, New South Wales (NSW) follows the Legal Aid Commission Act 1979 (NSW) and applicants can be represented by lawyers in Sydney (the capital of NSW).

For more information on other types of services local and foreign clients can obtain from our law firm in Australia, we invite you to contact us via e-mail.