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Lawyers in Melbourne

Lawyers in Melbourne

The services of a team of lawyers in Melbourne can be necessary in numerous occasions. Individuals can require professional legal services in matters related to divorce, immigration, obtaining citizenship, purchasing a property as an Australian citizen or as a foreigner or in inheritance matters, to name only some of the few branches of law where a law firm in Australia can be of help. 

Persons interested in investing in a business can receive legal assistance on how to register a business and to obtain business permits. In the case of investors who are from foreign countries, our team of attorneys in Australia can provide in-depth legal representation on the visas that can be necessary when relocating here for business purposes. 

What are the main services our lawyers in Melbourne can offer?

Our clients can rely on our team of lawyers for any of the above mentioned legal matters. However, it must be noted that the services of our law firm in Australia are not limited only to these legal aspects, but they also take into consideration additional legal situations, deriving from the following:

  • legal assistance in the employment law – whether you represent an employee or an employer, you can rely on us for assistance on the rights and the obligations of the parties, the regulations of an employment contract and others;
  • legal representation in any aspect of the family law – getting married in Australia, the division of assets, child custody or child maintenance, the rights and obligations of the parents after a divorce;
  • • disputing a will – a will must be completed in given circumstances in order for the document to be legally recognized and the heirs can dispute the will in front of the court if the will was not signed in accordance with the law;
  • • commercial litigation – our team of lawyers in Melbourne has the necessary legal expertise in representing clients in litigation cases related to corporate entities;
  • • intellectual property law – you can rely on our team if you want to register a trademark in this country or if you want to register a patent. 

What are the characteristics of the legal industry in Australia?

The legal sector in Australia fluctuates in value based on the conditions of the market, new regulations imposed to various sectors, foreign direct investments and numerous others. Lawyers in Melbourne and those in other regions of the country are influenced in their daily work by these trends. In the last years, the following can be observed:

  • • 2018 was an important year for attorneys in Australia, as it represented the first year of growth after several years of stagnation;
  • • the demand for legal services increased in 2018 by 7,8% and the revenues of this sector also increased by 7,4% at the end of the financial year;
  • • in the 4th quarter of 2018, qualified fee earners, such as lawyers in Melbourne, solicitors, legal executives, worked approximately 13 hours more than in the 4th quarter of 2017;
  • • from all the branches of law, dispute resolution accounted for the highest increase, of 19,1%;
  • • according to the Australian Taxation Office, the annual salary of a lawyer ranges from $97,981 to $128,988, depending on the area of expertise and the experience in the field.

How can our lawyers in Melbourne assist foreign businessmen?

Australia is an attractive country for doing business, with a liberal economy and suitable policies for developing a business activity, be it by registering a new legal entity in Australia, entering a merger and acquisition process, developing a franchise and other types of business ventures. 

Regardless of the option that is of interest for an investor, our lawyers in Melbourne can advise on the procedures one has to follow in each case and our team can help businessmen in preparing the set of documents that will be required for their situation. By requesting the legal services of our Australian law firm, investors will receive tailored advice and information on each of the procedures that must be followed when registering with the local institutions. 

Another option that is available for investors is to purchase a company or, if they no longer want to be business owners, they also have the possibility of selling their companies. Our lawyers can offer assistance on the legal formalities available here and can help you in signing a sale-purchase contract. 

We invite you to contact our lawyers in Melbourne if you need information on shareholders agreements, contract law, partnership agreements, but also on the procedure of closing a business down. For any other information on the legal services provided by our Australian lawyers, please contact us.