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Lawyers in Brisbane

Lawyers in Brisbane

Our team of lawyers in Brisbane is prepared to provide a wide range of legal services to individuals living in this city or in its surroundings, as well as to Brisbane based companies. If you are a foreigner living here or you are interested in relocating in Brisbaneour law firm in Australia can be of assistance in immigration matters as well. 

What types of legal services can individuals receive in Brisbane?

Our legal services are created to fit the needs of individuals, local citizens or permanent residents, as well as foreigners. Our lawyers in Brisbane can cover all the branches of law related to civil matters, and thus, you can easily rely on our team. Individuals can contact our team for any of the following legal aspects:

  • legal assistance on family law – family law is related to matters concerning marriage, divorce, judicial separation, the custody of children, mediation, financial agreements between spouses and property settlements;
  • • employment law – employment rights, the provisions of work contracts, paid leave, maternity leave, disputes between the employees and employers and others can be resolved with the help of our lawyers in Brisbane;
  • • immigration law – if you want to apply for a visa, a resident permit, become an Australian citizenour lawyers who have in-depth expertise in this field can represent you in the relation with the institutions;
  • • insolvency/debt recovery – when the debtor is an individual, specific steps will be applied for the purpose of recovering the debt and our team can present the main ways through which you can resolve your current financial situation;
  • • criminal law – this area covers the rights and obligations of a party who was accused of a felony on domestic violence, assault charges and others and our team can assist you in matters concerning bails, sentencing, pleading, participating in trials and any other area referring to your right to defence. 

What is the data on lawyers in Australia?

The legal profession is very important for Australia, just like it is for other states. The highest concentration of lawyers in Australia is correlated with the country’s largest cities, such as New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, where Brisbane is located (Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland). In the last years, the number of lawyers in Brisbane increased and you may find out below some of the most relevant matters on this profession: 

  • • according to the Law Council of Australia, in 2014, the country accounted for 66,211 lawyers;
  • • the highest numbers or registered lawyers were in New South Wales (41,6% of all the lawyers), in Victoria (24,5%) and the lawyers in Brisbane and Queensland accounted for 15,7% of all lawyers;
  • • in 2018, the total number of Australian lawyers increased at 76,303 professionals;
  • • since 2011 to 2018, the number of attorneys in Australia increased by 33%, showing an increasing interest in this profession;
  • • in Queensland, in 2011, the number of lawyers per 1,000 individuals was of 8,47, and, throughout the years, it increased steadily, reaching 11,76 per 1,000 individuals in 2018. 

How can companies receive legal assistance from our lawyers in Brisbane? 

Corporate law can cover numerous aspects. It can refer to the process of setting up a business in this country (investors can choose from corporate bodies or partnerships) and it also regulates legal matters referring to mergers and acquisitions, very complex procedures that are always completed with the help of a law firm in Australia

Corporate legislation also encompasses the rules and regulations through which corporate governance can be achieved in this country. It refers to the management system of a company, which can vary based on the legal entity under it operates. Generally, the management of a company is comprised of the shareholders (or the founders of the company) and the board of directors. 

The most important company decisions are taken by these two entities, which are then enforced through the executive management system of the company. Depending on the field in which the company operates, our team of lawyers in Brisbane can advise and represent businessmen in matters related to intellectual property rights and trademark registration, corporate tax law, the law on information technology and others. 

Our lawyers in Brisbane have years of experience in the field of corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and alternative dispute resolution. If you want to liquidate a company located in this city, you can also address to our attorneys. For more information on other legal services that are available for local and foreign clients, please contact our lawyers in Brisbane