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Virtual Office in Australia

Virtual Office in Australia

The virtual office is a physical address for a business, where mail and calls can be received and then forwarded as indicated by the business owners.

One particular advantage of the virtual office in Australia is that it is suited to international businesses: it provides a physical address; however, the team can work from anywhere when they choose this office package.

Our lawyers in Australia can help you decide if working via a virtual office is the most suitable option for your business needs.

What is a virtual office?

The virtual office is a business address that may offer the physical office space in some cases, for example for business meetings that need to take place in a meeting room with the adequate facilities. The address of the office building is used for company formation purposes in Australia. Having a registered address when incorporating a company is a mandatory step and the virtual office can be of real aid for those investors who plan on working from another location but need that particular address to register their Australian business.

This solution is suitable for those businesses that need to retain a professional business image but can still benefit from doing so at a more affordable price compared to having to buy or rent property in Australia. The experts at our Australian law firm can help you understand the mandatory requirements for company formation and decide if this option is the one suitable for your business needs.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

Apart from being able to work from anywhere in Australia or in another country and still retain an Australian address, there are a few other advantages for business owners who choose to work via a virtual office. Our attorneys in Australia list these below:

  1. Good business image: the company will be able to retain a professional image because the business address will be located at a prestigious address
  2. Receptionist services: call answering and e-mail forwarding by our team as needed for business purposes
  3. Telephone number: the business address also has a local telephone number that may be used to keep in touch with local clients
  4. Mail forwarding: the mail received in your name/the company’s name at the address will be forwarded as per your instructions

How to work via a virtual office?

Working via a virtual office is very simple and business owners only have to contact a virtual office services provider and subscribe to their services.

Our team of Australian lawyers can help you find a package that suits your business needs and can help you with other services, as needed.

Please contact our law firm in Australia for complete details about the legal services we provide and how we can assist you in opening a business.