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Lawyers in Perth

Lawyers in Perth

Perth is one of the main regions in Australia. Businesses and individuals alike can require legal services in Perth and this is why our Australian law firm operating in this city has created a set of services designed for the needs of each category. 

If you need legal services in this city or you need to be represented by an attorney in a legal matter, our lawyers in Perth remain at your disposal. You can easily reach our law firm by e-mail or phone, and one of our lawyers will assist you with in-depth information suitable to the case you will present to us. 

What are the main corporate legal services in Perth?

Our lawyers in Perth can represent local and foreign companies in a variety of legal cases. From the process of starting a local business to the dissolution of the said business, our law firm in Australia can provide a wide range of services. Below, you can find some of the areas of expertise of our team of lawyers:

  • corporate legislation – legal advice and representation on the law governing the incorporation and the activities of local companies, as well as advice on management obligations or funding of local businesses;
  • our team of Australian lawyers is also specialized in providing legal assistance on alternative dispute resolution;
  • if your company is involved in a litigation case, our lawyers can represent you in numerous matters, such as breach of contracts, employment litigation, intellectual property matters;
  • mergers and acquisitions – it defines the process through which two businesses will change ownership and/or combine their assets and, given the complexity of the procedure, the legal representation of a lawyer is necessary;
  • property law – you can also address to our law firm in the case in which you are interested in buying land here for business purposes, or renting or buying office space. 

What are the basic legal services for individuals in Perth?

If you are natural person, you can also address to our law firm in Australia for numerous legal matters. Our team can represent you in front of the court or in front of other institutions in any legal scenario pertaining to the Family Law (getting married, divorcing in Perth, sharing property and the custody of children, alimony, marriage with a foreign citizen). 

Our lawyers in Perth can also assist individuals in matters related to immigration in Australia, such as: obtaining a residence permit, applying for a visa, becoming a permanent citizen, or even obtaining Australian citizenshipOur legal services addressed to natural persons are not limited only to the above mentioned. 

Our team is qualified to represent natural persons in claims related to personal injury or to motor vehicle accident cases. If you are the victim of medical negligence, you can easily address to our attorneys in Australia for legal representation, but we mention that we will need documents that can attest the legal grounds for medical negligence. 

Demographic data on lawyers in Australia 

The legal profession is very well represented in Australia. Below, we will present several highlights of this profession, based on the data gathered by the Law Society of the New South Wales; the region of New South Wales has the highest concentration of lawyers in the country, but it is necessary to know that regardless of the region, the number of lawyers keep increasing:

  • according to the data gathered for 2018, in the last 7 years, the number of lawyers in Australia has increased by 33%;
  • in 2018, the number of female lawyers was for the first time larger compared to the one of male lawyers (women lawyers accounted for 52% of the total employment market of this industry);
  • the median age of attorneys in Australia was of 42 years old in 2018;
  • the largest share, of 48%, is represented by lawyers with an age ranging between 25 to 39 years old;
  • a large share of the law firms operated in cities in 2018 (54% of them), while suburban law firms represented 32% of all law companies

The number of lawyers working in Western Australia, where Perth is located, accounts for only 7% of the entire employment market of the industry. However, given that Perth is one of the largest cities in the country, individuals and businessmen will find here numerous lawyers, specialized in all areas of expertise.

For 2018, Western Australia had a total of 5,080 lawyers, with an equal distribution between men and women lawyers. In this region, based on age, the highest share of lawyers, of 19%, are represented by those with an age between 30 to 39 years old. If you need more details on other legal services that can be provided by our law firm in Australia, please address to our lawyers in Perth