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Lawyers in Sydney

Lawyers in Sydney

Whether you are a natural person or a legal entity, our team of lawyers in Sydney are ready to provide you with legal assistance and legal representation in this city.

Our services cover numerous legal aspects, from legal matters addressed to natural persons (relocating in Sydney, applying for a visa, getting married here, inherit a property or other assets pertaining to inheritance law) to matters solely addressed to corporate structures. 

Our Australian lawyers can provide legal services created for corporate entities, such as:

  1. legal assistance on the steps applicable when opening a company here;
  2. advice on the accounting regulations companies have to follow;
  3. tax registration and tax compliance;
  4. obtaining business permits and licenses;
  5. registering with the local authorities and others.

Companies located in Sydney can easily address to our law firm in Australia if they are involved in litigation cases or if they must recover a debt. 

Our team of lawyers in Sydney can also provide their services to those who need to liquidate a company and we can also represent investors in mergers and acquisitions procedures. 

Assistance in opening a company in Sydney 

Investors who want to register a company in Sydney will have to choose one of the legal entities that best suits their business interests. One can register a public limited company or a private limited company, but partnerships are also available.

In the case in which a foreign company wants to expand on the local market, there is the possibility of opening a branch office or a representative office, and our lawyers in Sydney can offer in-depth information on the characteristics of these structures. 

The process of registering a local company is complex, but a legal entity can be registered in only few days if all the company documents are prepared as requested by the law.

Some of the registration steps are completed with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, where an investor can register a business name and start the basic incorporation steps. 

You can watch a short presentation on the legal services provided by our lawyers in Sydney:

How many lawyers are in Australia? 

Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia and this is why the largest number of lawyers and law firms can be found here.

Although the number of lawyers in Sydney is not very well defined, the latest statistics with regards to this profession show an increasing interest in becoming a lawyer or a law specialist in the last few years, at a national level, as follows:

  • • in 2011, there were a total of 57,580 lawyers in Australia;
  • • in 2014, the number of lawyers in Sydney and the lawyers at a national level increased at 66,210 persons;
  • • in 2014, the largest share of lawyers was in New South Wales (where Sydney is located), accounting for 41,6% of all the attorneys;
  • Victoria accounted for 24,5% of all the lawyers, and Queensland for 15,7% in 2016;
  • • in 2016, the total number of Australian lawyers reached 71,510 persons;
  • • in 2018, there were even more law specialists, reaching a total of 76,300 persons. 

How can our lawyers in Sydney assist in debt collection cases? 

Those who are involved in debt collection cases can easily reach out to our team of Australian lawyers for legal assistance and advice on the procedures imposed for the recovery of a debt.

This can be applied in the case of businesses or natural persons who have not paid their outstanding debts in a given amount of time. 

When the debtor is a natural person, the regulations of the Australian Consumer Law will be applied.

In Australia, a debt collector has to respect specific rules and one of them is that the collector (who can be one of our Australian lawyers) can’t disclose the personal information of a person who has to pay a debt without the consent of the respective person.  

How can our law firm in Australia help in obtaining business permits? 

Persons who want to open a business in Sydney will need to take additional measures after registering a local legal entity with the local institutions.

One of the requirements that can be imposed to the owner of a newly founded business is to obtain specific business permits and licenses, which can be necessary depending on the business activity developed here. 

Thus, you can rely on the assistance of our lawyers in Sydney, who can advise on what types of documents might be necessary in this particular case. Online businesses may require business for online retailing, businesses operating in the hospitality industry will need licenses for handling and selling food and so on.

How can our law firm help individuals in Australia?

Persons who live in Australia or who are Australian citizens can address to our law firm for a wide range of legal matters that are part of the personal legal services branch.

Our lawyers in Sydney are specialized in assisting individuals in matters such as the ones mentioned in the list below:

  1. employment law;
  2. inheritance law and wills;
  3. civil litigation;
  4. purchasing/selling real estate;
  5. estate planning;
  6. probate;
  7. immigration;
  8. family law, etc.

Regardless of the problem you are currently experiencing, if you need legal representation, you can rely on our team for professional assistance.

Legal assistance on divorce in Australia

We are aware that certain matters that fall under the personal legal services can be more sensitive, therefore you must know that we will treat of clients with the utmost care, especially in matters such as divorces and child custody.

Speaking about divorces, please mind that the Australian law stipulates that if you and your spouse have been separated for more than 12 months, the divorce proceedings can be initiated.

You can contact our lawyers and present your particular situation, as the legal proceedings can vary drastically based on whether you still have a good communication and collaboration with your spouse or not.

Regarding this very sensitive issue that must be dealt with from a legal point of view, you should know that our lawyers can assist with in-depth advice on the following:

  1. separation/divorce;
  2. division of assets;
  3. child custody, alimony, parenting agreements;
  4. out-of-court divorce settlements.

Legal assistance in drawing a will in Australia

Our lawyers in Sydney can provide legal representation to persons who want to draw a will, a legal document through which the person decides the manner in which his or her assets will be divided.

This is the only way to be sure of the fact that your personal life assets will be divided as per your desires, and that some specific assets will be owned by specific persons of your preference.

Otherwise, if there isn’t a will, the statutory inheritance law will be applied (and this is done in accordance with the family ties the person had with the family members – there is an hierarchical system – spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters and then other family members).

Drafting and signing a will in front of a lawyer is highly recommended, as through this procedure you can secure the validity of the document and the less likelihood that the document will be contested by other family members.

The work of our lawyers will not end once the document is signed, as our team of lawyers can also offer probate services, which refer to the execution of the provisions of the will, once the person who has signed the document passes away.

Please contact us if you want to know the legal procedures that are enforced once the probate period begins.

Does Australia offer legal aid?

Yes, individuals can benefit from legal aid in Australia. Legal aid refers to the financial assistance a person can receive when seeking legal assistance/representation.

This right is available only for persons who are considered vulnerable from one point of view or another, and who can’t afford paying for legal services.

For this, the persons who will request legal aid will have to provide evidence on their circumstances. Please mind that this service is available for a wide range of legal issues.

Persons living in Sydney can request legal aid for employment matters, taxation, real estate property and conveyancing, tenancy, work compensations, advice on wills and inheritance and many others.

For more details, you can always rely on the legal services of our team of lawyers in Sydney, which are designed for the needs of each of our clients.